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What Twinnee does

Twinnee creates for you a complete solution for real-time transparency of your global supply chains and production lines.

Starting with the transport chain, via warehouse logistics to the individual production capacity of a machine – processes can be optimized and monitored in real time.

We offer you your individual compilation of TWINNEE RTLS and TWINNEE RTCM as well as connections to third party systems.

Get your optimum combination of products for real-time monitoring from a single source. 

Who we are

We are an international working young company with an holistic approach on IOT-solutions.

Twinnee was foundet 2019 in Dresden and is now located in Bremen.

The twinnee shareholders provide long basis profound expierence from different
areas – boundled knowledge on production, logistics, IT-systems in addition to IOT-platforming, production development and design.




TWINNEE-Real-Time-Locating-Services offers an easy way of Real-Time-Localization of objects, persons or even animals.

evaluation kit for testing RTLS

TWINNEE-RTLS is able to navigate and controll material as well as vehicles.
The use of components and further your entire intern logistics can be monitored, supervised and documented. Digitize your material flow and stock-logistics sustainable.


example of a Twinnee device

TWINNEE-Real-Time-Cargo-Monitoring enables you to monitor your cargo flow and provides information regarding position, temperature, humidity, dew point, vibration, tilt and brightness.

We offer you plenary transparency concerning your supply chain.

Optimize with us the quality of your processes and reduce your costs sustainable.

Asset management

The valuable data collected via RTCM can also be transferred to your various assets for example vehicles.

You are able to receive information regarding the utilization and performance of your equipment in order to optimize its usage.

Get an alert in realtime if for instance your device leaves your defined boundary or is out of coverage.

Set up your own customizable triggers to receive the data you care about in realtime.

Twinnee smart-factory

Twinnee offers you the option of integrating the LEANION-principle into your logisticsprocess in order to optimize production-procedure

The LEANION-principle enables you to:

Display real-time key figures in the factory plan

Control orders and locate objects in real time in your factory

Integration of digital factory plans

Visualize and analyze flows of goods


Third-party systems

Twinnee offers you to open up an interface to connect your current IT-system to our products.

Link all Data of importance in one place.

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